Things to keep in mind when you’re planning your trip

What are we packing up?

First of all, you gotta know what you truly require. Don’t take the things that you can live without or that you would use once a week, because everything you carry you will feel on your knees. Can you survive without the notebook or tablet? Perfect. The smartphone is more than enough. Can go without maps? There are apps for offline maps. Also forget about the giant wallet full of useless cards and don’t take cremes and perfumes with which you entertain yourself at home.

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In the end, all you would use fits perfectly in 2 cobs:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Matrice
  • Underwear and socks
  • Raincoat
  • Thick jacket
  • Parka
  • Pullover
  • 2x short cyclist pants
  • Long cyclist pants
  • 2x cyclist shirts
  • Some city clothes which you could also use on the bike (Shorts, a dress, two T-shirts, a skirt)
  • Sneakers + sandals
  • T-shirt + sleeping pants
  • Suncreme, 2 in 1 shower gel, mirror, wet handkerchiefs, perfume, razor, deodorant, scissors, tweezers, towel
  • Sunglasses, Cycling Sunglasses
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Tent
  • Insurrance, IDs
  • Motivation and will

These things I carry in 3,5,7,9 months. This time, however, I got additional things for Diesel, 3-6 kg food, water and food bowls for him, isoprene and a blanket.


Which course do we follow?

The course must be planned without details. What do I want to see? Zürich, Avignon, Camino, Lisabona, Barcelona. From here you get an idea of the course that you will follow, but the route will surely change on the way.

What budget do I have?

You can travel with at least 180 euros for 3 months. Free accommodation, free water, free internet. Money for food would be at least 2 euros per day. I think it’s impossible with less than that. You give in effort so you need to eat! Additionally, it is ideal to have some for emergencies, reparations, pieces, souvenirs etc.

With whom am I going?

Now here is the real problem. Such a journey gets you closer to the travelling partner or on the contrary. Along the journey there will be moments of stress, panic, fatigue which will make the true personality of your partner to show up. It depends on you on how you use this information, but on both if you are going together to the same destination. Some travel to see the world, to learn new things, to socialize, to enrich their soul, some just to pedal and gather kilometers. It would be great to have the same idea at the beginning of the journey.

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Ready to travel

I thought that this article will be useful if you want to travel with your beloved pet. I will tell you how I prepared myself,how I haven’t trained Diesel, but also some useful information that I’ve found out, but didn’t used.

The most important is the Passport for traveling abroad. The Passport is issued on the spot, unlike the human one,it costs around 50 ron and is available at the vet. It is necessary to release a general Checkup, microchiping animalutului (if not already), vaccination against rabies (the vaccine on an annual basis or valid), internal and external deworming, both made in 24 hours before departure.

To have no surprises at the border, check that all the sections to be completed:

  1. Details of the owner
  2. Description of the animal
  3. Marking of animal (video must cover)
  4. Passport (data about the veterinarian + 2 signatures)
  5. Vaccination against rabies (Softcover)
  6. Treatment of antiechinococcus (immunization)
  7. Other treatments drugs (external deworming)
  8. Other vaccinations
  9. Clinical examination (with 2 signatures)
  10. Legalisation (with 2 signatures)

It is important to check if the country in which you will travel is on the list of rabies-free countries or controlled. If it is on the list of countries with high risk of rabies, quarantine may be required.

If you are not the owner of the animal, you will need a notarized power of attorney.

Journey by plane

I’m not a fan of flight with Diesel, but if you choose this option, be aware that apart from the well-established acts, you need a cage in conformity with the standards required by the flight company. Depending on the dimensions of the cage thevticket price will be calculated. Some companies accept small pets in the passenger cabin, in a carrying case, located under the seat . Medium-sized animals or sea travel as cargo.

If you think of tranquilising your pet,many vets do not recommend this, It’s  dangerous to the body, and many airlines do not accept the transportation of tranquilized animals.

Search and print the policy of the company just in case there are some problems at boarding.

The journey by car

I recommend to get a waterproof blanket for the transport of animals, a harness and a car leash. Walking belt harness must be caught, no collar. Consult your vet for any pills against carsick , even if you know that your pet is used to the car rides. The long way, movement and stress may prove otherwise. It is recommended to take breaks every 2 hours and make sure that your pet is hydrated enough.

The journey by train/boat

To travel by train or by boat, leash and muzzle are mandatory. Most of the companies of transport charges for medium and large sized animals , but some charge also for small pets. The ticket can be a fixed amount or half of the price of a ticket for the entire journey to 2nd class.

Journey by bus/minibus

You may be surprised that some companies will not accept animals, or you’ll need a transporter for your pet. The larger an animal is, the more it becomes more problematic

Transport bike/walk

Very important for this type of travel is the protection of the paws. It should be kept in mind the weather conditions. Also, if you can, start training exercises for muscle and strength till gone on a trip.


Often, the most stressful part of a trip is finding accommodations that accept pets. Check before booking if they accept your dog breed. I was surprised to arrive at a pets and do not receive because it’s large dog. After searches on Wikipedia, i showed the lady that Husky is a medium-sized breed and she allowed me to stay. You can find easy accommodation on or, just click on the pet-friendly option.


If you’ll go for a long time and don’t want to take food from home, check the food suppliers in the vicinity of the destination. Don’t forget to always have enough water for the puppy, especially if you don’t know where you’ll find the next water source.

The dangers of nature

The main hazard encountered is given by external parasites: fleas, ticks, worms from the water, mosquitoes, etc. Search about the risk encountered in the country where you are travelling. For example, in Spain and Portugal there is the risk of being infected with Leishmaniasis. A disease transmitted by sand flies, both in humans and in animals. Unfortunately, for the animals, the disease has no treatment and can be lethal. External deworming applied in Romania, for example, will not be useful in this case. You should find a substance with a much larger spectrum against the parasites. It is best to use what the inhabitants of the area are using.


If you’re thinking about starting a trip with your beloved cat you should check this really great article:

How to Travel with Your Cat (The Ultimate Guide)

Adventure on the train

Two days ago I told you about train ticket that I’ve received. So I took the train to Bayonne, with change in Pau. I said it’s better to win some time, given the fact that #winteriscoming and I, aside of having a snow dog, have nothing else for the cold weather.
I am eager to begin the pilgrimage on the Camino! It’s a dream of mine put on standby for too many years.
So I was alone in front of the train station in Touluse, with no elevators, no help and a lot of luggage! I went to those who were helping people with disabilities to transit station and they told me they’re not allowed to help me, but when they saw the hopeless expression on my face and my big eyes,they told me before displaying on what platform I should go and eventually they said that I can go with them to the service elevator. I had to change 2 elevators , in the underground of the station, to get on the platform 3. When I struggled to shove the luggage in the elevator they just watched how I fought with them, unable or not willing to lend a helping hand. I arrived at the train, where two passengers helped me with the bicycle and trailer. The controller, a young and very cute one, when he saw that I just have 6 minutes to catch the other train, said he’ll find out on which line I must go, not to lose time looking for the displayed line . Like always, I was lucky and the trains were on adjacent lines on the same platform, and a lovely couple helped with the transfer. In Bayonne, the guy who gave me my ticket told me to call him to host me overnight. I arrived, I called but he didn’t answer. I spent about 20 minutes reassembling and loading the luggage and the trailer, and then I started to look for a place to put the tent. After 2 hours the guy called me, apologizing and telling me it could not accommodate me with Diesel. So I spent the night on the highway, outside the city. The morning came, we visited the city and now I drink a coffee and leave for Irun.
Yesterday’s conclusion: clearly, I’ll not take the train again. I prefer to pedal at my own pace, uphill and downhill, rather than stressing out that I can not put my life in a train.

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After ten days on Camino

I’ve been for ten days on the #caminofrances already and I met hundreds of people. Some remained in my soul, others just stayed behind. It’s fascinating how a stony and dusty path can gather, from all ends of our planet, some people, that in a couple of days become your family. Here you realize that each one is different, has a story and searches for an answer, an answer that only Camino de Santiago offers. Indeed, you also find tourists, not only pilgrims. You can recognize them easily! They are those who send their backpacks from one hotel to another, who came to get drunk in each village, to pick up chicks and have fun. For others, on the other hand, it means being closer to God, finding your inner self, releasing your daily stress, crossing barriers, defeat the anxiety, the reason of losing someone dear.

What I’ve felt on Camino? I’ve felt the tight bound between me and my dog, the reciprocal trust we grant to each other, the joy of sharing the last loaf of bread with someone hungry, accepting challenges and the satisfaction of the defeat of each mountain I’ve climbed, belief, trust in myself, the ease of forgiving and with which i can detach from the past, but also the relieve felt when you are honest and ask for someone’s forgiveness. I’ve decided to walk, not to pedal. The seconds spent here are a blessing that can be lost quickly on the bike.

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What “travel” means to me?

Along your life you travel  in different kinds of ways. With family, friends, partner. You have every time a choice: to take the plane, the car, the bus, the bike, by foot or google street view. I tried them all and the best option for my turned out to be by bike, by myself. First of all, travelling means the journey towards your inner-self if you want to truly know and love yourself, and from that journey you return with power and wisdom. From that moment on you’ll guide your steps safely through your life. once you know what your dream is, the road and the universe work together to help you achieving it. We are the only ones that are sabotaging our own journey with the lack of motivation.

The principle of the bike is the perfect combination between balance and constant impulse, so everything starts with just one pedal. Isn’t that like the human being? This balance maintained for hours starts to work its way up to the mind and in the same time, your mind is flying deeper and further to the most deepest fears and memories. Every pedal raises more questions. While travelling alone,  you’re the only one capable to answer them, but only with the help of the people that you’ll meet on your way. With every answer your muscles are getting stronger and your love for yourself also. Without knowing it you’re having two separate journeys at the same time, on in beautiful places and the other one, with he same speed, inwards, finding your true self. What you’re doing next, with your new information it’s only up to you. I chose helping others that are still fighting to find their way. When is the perfect moment, the perfect place we’re just loosing the walls and we realize the power od asking for help. I didn’t know that I had that power of helping others, the power of being ME. I want to believe that now this is my job on this earth, to help others find their own way to happiness.

Some of my life principles:

-Nothing is by chance. Everything happens for a reason but maybe we don’t know which one yet.

-Everything that you do to others comes back to you.

-A healthy mind makes your body healthy

-Find the positivity in everything that surrounds you, block the negativity

-keep a balance between you and nature. Respect it, love it,it will always help you.

-love unconditionally

-give up expectations and concentrate on yourself

-be open and read the omens that your life is sending you

-accept without wanting to change them

-believe with all your heart in yourself and get out from your comfort zone.



Ca sa va pot povesti unul dintre momentele mele magice de la finalul pelerinajului trebuie sa va spun cateva intamplari de la inceput.
Dupa cum stiti, am pornit cu Diesel din Pamplona, mandra de noul meu pasaport pe care aveam sa il umplu cu stampile de pe drum. Inca din prima zi, Diesel a atras atentia celorlalti pelerini, asa ca prieteniile au inceput sa se lege rapid. Timp de o saptamana am tot schimbat grupurile, fiindca pe bicicleta avansam mult mai repede, iar cand ei opreau la ora 17, eu continuam in cautarea asfintitului perfect. Apoi, dupa un incident neplacut, cand un localnic m-a urmarit cu masina pe un drum pustiu, am hotarat sa raman cu un grup. A fost una dintre cele mai inspirate decizii. La viteza mica, intensitatea lucrurilor e mult mai mare.
Intr-o zi am oprit la o cafenea, cand un batranel cu barba alba si privire blanda a venit sa se joace cu Diesel. Tot vorbind, i-am spus ca imi doresc sa ajung pe bicicleta pana in Alaska, sa-l duc pe Diesel sa se joace in zapada. Batranelul s-a uitat surprins la mine, a fugit la rucsac, a scos tot din el si s-a intors zambind.
– Eu si sotia mea locuim in Alaska. Doresc sa iti fac cadou aceasta insigna cu steagul nostru, sa iti poarte noroc si sa te ajute sa iti indeplinesti dorinta.
Zilele au trecut, iar eu am ramas doar cu un coechipier, John. Discutam adesea de cel mai inalt munte pe care-l vom traversa si el ma linistea spunandu-mi ca ma va ajuta. In dimineata “marelui urcus” am cunoscut-o pe Vera, am baut cafeaua impreuna si fiecare a luat-o in ritmul ei spre acelasi tel. A inceput urcusul, iar John nu mai aparea. Am urcat astfel singura muntele, cu greu, impingand din rasputeri bicicleta si trailer-ul. Ajunsa aproape de epuizare, am simtit o bucurie profunda. Camino este drumul meu! Al meu si al lui Diesel! Oricine mi-ar aparea in cale si ar merge alaturi de mine, daca mi-ar usura munca, acela nu ar mai fi pelerinajul meu. Am fost recunoascatoare ca drumul a decis sa ne pierdem inainte de urcus. Cand am ajuns sus la O Cebreiro, l-am cunoscut pe Viktor, care a fost facinat de calatoria mea, de buget, de bagaje si de Diesel. L-am mentionat pe el si pe Vera, pt ca mai tarziu vor avea un rol important in Serendipity-ul meu.
Venind vorba de Serendipity, un cuvant ce mi-a ghidat turele cu bicicleta, dar si viata il voi defini ca “lucruri intamplatoare ce se aseaza intr-un mod favorabil”.
Saptamanile au trecut si banii din portofel s-au dus. Mai aveam bani pe card, dar pe Camino nu poti plati cu cardul, iar bancomatele sunt o raritate. Mergand intr-o seara cu John i-am zis:
“- O sa gasesc 100 euro pe jos!
-Nu, vom gasi 500 si o sa ii impartim! a raspuns razand.
– Nu, John, eu vreau sa gasesc 100. 500 euro ar fi o pierdere prea mare pentru cel care ii scapa, fara 100 poti supravietui mai usor. Iar din ei o sa cheltuiesc pana ajung la bancomat, iar restul ii las pentru un alt pelerin care are nevoie.” Nu am gasit banii, dar in final am trecut pe la banca.
Am ajuns la Fisterra, un orasel-port, mic si aglomerat de pelerini fericiti ce isi planifica ruta de intoarcere. John a plecat cu primul autobuz, cu toate ca planuisem sa mergem impreuna la Cap Finisterre, adevaratul final. Am ramas in port savurand cafeaua de dimineata, cand o vad pe Vera. Ne imbratisam, o invit la masa si intram in vorba.
-Ai ajuns la Far? ma intreaba parca dorindu-si sa zic nu.
-Inca nu.
– Ce bine! Mergem impreuna?
Dupa ce am parcat bicicleta in fata unui Albere am pornit impreuna spre capatul lumii, povestind intamplari de pe drum.
Pe stancile ce anunta finalul, in bataia valurilor si a vantului am simtit…Reusisem sa termin pelerinjul, sa-mi curat sufletul, sa invat oamenii si cel mai important, sa ascult pentru a auzi dincolo de cuvintele rostite. Cu inimile fericite am pornit spre port. Urmaream cu privirea barcutele ce dansau pe muzica valurilor, lasandu-mi gandurile sa plece departe.
-Voi sta langa port astazi, i-am spus Verei.
-Ce-ti veni?
– Azi voi intalni pe cineva care merge cu barca in Porto si ma va lua si pe mine cu Diesel.
A ras.- Si barca sa fie albastra si cu steagul Alaska?
-Evident! i-am raspuns amuzata de legatura facuta cu povestile mele.
Spre seara, pe o straduta de langa port, l-am intalnit pe Viktor, fericit de finalul pelerinajului sau si de revedere. Am schimbat 2 vorbe si mi-a indesat un mic rulou in mana, spunand ca e pentru Diesel, apoi a plecat. Peste cateva ore m-am uitat la ruloul din geanta mea, era cartea lui de vizita infasurata in niste bani, iar pe una din bancnote scria ,,cu drag pentru Anastasia si Diesel”. Peste doua zile, l-am revazut in port, mi-a zis ca pleaca spre Porto si ca spera sa ne revedem acolo. Ne-am luat ramas bun, iar dupa ce a plecat am scos din nou ruloul. Urma sa descopar ca cineva cu simtul umorului iti asculta toate dorintele si tine doar de tine sa vezi detaliile. De data asta vazand cu adevarat, pe cartea de vizita scria ,,capitan de vapor”, iar banii, nu 100 cum imi dorisem, ci probabil cat aveam cu adevarat nevoie, albastrii cu stelute. Asadar intalnisem Capitanul de vapor, care a dorit sa il stie pe Diesel bine hranit, si care, inainte de a pleca spre Porto, a avut grija sa inchida cercul lucrurilor intamplatoare din timpul pelerinajului meu printr-un minunat Serendipity trait la capatul lumii.

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Guapa con el lobo

Singura pe Camino inseamna sa nu fiu singura nicio clipa. Oamenii vor sa imi afle povestea,imi spun ca am curaj, ca sunt puternica sau ca se vede de departe ca sunt ,,indragostita” de mine. Oare de ce trebuie sa ne spuna altii ca noi sa putem constientiza? Nu am considerat ca am curaj sau ca sunt puternica facand tura asta,dar toate situatiile neplacute , piedicile depasite imi demonstreaza într-adevar taria cu care eu cred in mine. Nu am fost demoralizata atunci cand colegul de drum a abandonat, ci am luat-o ca atare si mi-am continuat drumul. Nu m-am lasat batuta cand am vazut urcusurile abrupte din fata mea, ci m-am pus pe impins. Cred ca forta mea fizica este infima, dar taria mea mentala ma face sa ajung sa admir privelistea de la finalul urcusului, care întotdeauna va fi mai greu daca il vad de la inceput astfel. Si, pana la urma, nu asa este si viata? Un cumul de suisuri si coborasuri, pe care le strabati cu bine numai daca le privesti pozitiv? Este a doua mea seara pe Camino, astazi am mers 28 km. Oricat mi-as dori sa pedalez este imposibil, iar de dimineata mi s-a stricat cauciucul de pe roata din fata, pe care pana luni nu il pot inlocui. Pana acum Diesel a facut tot drumul cu cele 4 labute ale lui, acompaniat de mangaieri si pupici de la doamnele si domnisoarele din jur. De cate ori incerc sa il bag in ,,caleasca” ma cearta si o ia inainte hotarat. Un adevarat pelerin! Cei de la refugiile pe la care am oprit ne-au poreclit ,,guapa con el lobo”, lucru care ma amuza teribil de cate ori il aud. Se intuneca greu, pe la 20:30, dar pelerinii se opresc pe la ora 17. Continuandu-mi drumul, traseul gol pare rupt din cu totul alta poveste, iar linistea asurzitoare ma invaluie in totalitate.

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Ganduri la aproape o luna de la plecare

Acum o saptamana am realizat ca nu mai este greu. Pot urca un deal, incet, dar fara sa ma opresc. Carutul lui Diesel si Diesel fac parte din greutatea normala.

On the road #travel #2europe #husky #touring

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Am avut cateva zile de ploaie, toate s-au udat, dar tot ce am facut a fost sa dau muzica tare in casti si sa ma bucur de picaturile reci care mai loveau fata. Am avut ghinion cu gazdele in Franta. Prima va fi la 100km de Lyon, dar nu ma deranjeaza. Nicio gazda nu are o priveliste, un lac azuriu incetosat sau un oras medieval luminat. Plus cazarea sub 1 milion de stele imi place mult mai mult. Diesel s-a obisnuit cu programul, cu trasura si cu pauzele de internet. Bugetul meu de 2 euro pe zi functioneaza in continuare. Chiar daca Elvetia a fost mai scumpa, am avut economii din Germania si recuperez in Franta.

Lyon #travel #2europe #husky #touring

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Peripetii in Elvetia

Dupa ce am plecat din Zürich la vreo 40km, dupa o vale, unde am franat ca de obicei astfel incat sa nu isi ia Diesel zborul, mi s-a rupt roata de la bicicleta. M-am oprit, m-am dat jos, am pozat, am lipit cu izolir si am pozat iar.

14359688_1789285907994462_1894253263_o                                14374729_1789286001327786_944452425_o                               14315770_1789287941327592_1291294305_o

O femeie a oprit langa mine si m-a intrebat daca am nevoie de ajutor fiindca cunoaste ea un mecanic bun. M-a dus la mecanicul satului, care dupa ce a ras pe seama reparatiei mele, a adus o roata noua si a inceput sa imi mute camera, cauciucul si pinioanele pe ea. Am stat de vorba cu amandoi, le-am povestit pe unde am fost si unde vom merge, ne-au povestit si ei de copii lor, iar la final roata a fost gratis, cadou din partea lui. In plus mi-a daruit un set de saboti noi, si mi-a lipit peste tot benzi reflectorizante ca sa fie sigur ca voi fi vazuta pe sosea. Ne-am luat ramas bun si am ajuns intr-o padure superba unde am innoptat.


Maine pornim la drum


Am avut 2 idei: una sa plec din nou prin lume cu bicicleta, iar cealalta: sa vand kilometrii pedalati pentru o cauză în îngrijirea sa cred. Care este cea mai nebuna dintre cele 2? Un doua, evident!  Nu mi-am propus nicio clipa sa pastrez UE banii stransi, ci mi-am dezamagita ca suma stransa sa ajute cum se poate mai mult. De aceea am ales cristian 2 asociatii dragi mie. Contrar stilului meu de o calatori (fara se, fara traseu bine comparabilităţii si fara stratch), un inceput un sir lung de mailuri si planificari, fiindca atunci cand nu sunt doar UE implica trebuie, intradevar, sa am planul ONU. Astfel, cativa prieteni mi-au sarit in ajutor, ba mai mult, au reusit sa ma motiveze sa nu las balta ideea mea si sa ma puna în legătură cu oameni care s-au dovedit cu adevarat importanti din perspectiva practica o mai acestei. Din multe promisiuni de sponsorizare si sustinere, s-au materializat doar 2. Cei de la F64 m-au dotat cu un reportofon foto perfect pentru aceasta calatorie, iar cei de la Bike House mi-au reparat si imbunatatit bicicleta. Este foarte greu sa atragi atentia asupra initiativei tale, mai ales cand Fat pentru prima datele ONU de proiect de acest gen, iar timpul de reactie este de mai putin de o luna.

Asadar, va invit si pe voi sa va va lui calatoriei mele de 7,000 km prin Europa, pe bicicleta, alaturi de Diesel si Bogdan, si sa ne sustineti initiavita prin afla kilometrilor pe care noi ii parcurgem. Ne puteti urmari pedala cu pedala pe canalele indica mai jos:

În cazul în îngrijire doresti sa ma ajuti sa povestesti mai departe despre Collaborating meu sau vrei doar sa imi urezi tambur bun si gandurile poveste despre ideea mea, poti folosi informatii de pe site-ul sau imi poti scrie pe pagina de Facebook un proiectului, iar UE iti elena sa raspund de indata ce dau de acces la Internet.