Two days ago I told you about train ticket that I’ve received. So I took the train to Bayonne, with change in Pau. I said it’s better to win some time, given the fact that #winteriscoming and I, aside of having a snow dog, have nothing else for the cold weather.
I am eager to begin the pilgrimage on the Camino! It’s a dream of mine put on standby for too many years.
So I was alone in front of the train station in Touluse, with no elevators, no help and a lot of luggage! I went to those who were helping people with disabilities to transit station and they told me they’re not allowed to help me, but when they saw the hopeless expression on my face and my big eyes,they told me before displaying on what platform I should go and eventually they said that I can go with them to the service elevator. I had to change 2 elevators , in the underground of the station, to get on the platform 3. When I struggled to shove the luggage in the elevator they just watched how I fought with them, unable or not willing to lend a helping hand. I arrived at the train, where two passengers helped me with the bicycle and trailer. The controller, a young and very cute one, when he saw that I just have 6 minutes to catch the other train, said he’ll find out on which line I must go, not to lose time looking for the displayed line . Like always, I was lucky and the trains were on adjacent lines on the same platform, and a lovely couple helped with the transfer. In Bayonne, the guy who gave me my ticket told me to call him to host me overnight. I arrived, I called but he didn’t answer. I spent about 20 minutes reassembling and loading the luggage and the trailer, and then I started to look for a place to put the tent. After 2 hours the guy called me, apologizing and telling me it could not accommodate me with Diesel. So I spent the night on the highway, outside the city. The morning came, we visited the city and now I drink a coffee and leave for Irun.
Yesterday’s conclusion: clearly, I’ll not take the train again. I prefer to pedal at my own pace, uphill and downhill, rather than stressing out that I can not put my life in a train.

Morning in Bayonne #travel #wanderlust #cycling #biketour #2europe #f64studio

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