I’ve been for ten days on the #caminofrances already and I met hundreds of people. Some remained in my soul, others just stayed behind. It’s fascinating how a stony and dusty path can gather, from all ends of our planet, some people, that in a couple of days become your family. Here you realize that each one is different, has a story and searches for an answer, an answer that only Camino de Santiago offers. Indeed, you also find tourists, not only pilgrims. You can recognize them easily! They are those who send their backpacks from one hotel to another, who came to get drunk in each village, to pick up chicks and have fun. For others, on the other hand, it means being closer to God, finding your inner self, releasing your daily stress, crossing barriers, defeat the anxiety, the reason of losing someone dear.

What I’ve felt on Camino? I’ve felt the tight bound between me and my dog, the reciprocal trust we grant to each other, the joy of sharing the last loaf of bread with someone hungry, accepting challenges and the satisfaction of the defeat of each mountain I’ve climbed, belief, trust in myself, the ease of forgiving and with which i can detach from the past, but also the relieve felt when you are honest and ask for someone’s forgiveness. I’ve decided to walk, not to pedal. The seconds spent here are a blessing that can be lost quickly on the bike.

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