Maine hit the road!


I had 2 ideas: one to go through the world again, and the other: to buy kilometres for a cause Cycling & mountain biking in which to believe. What is the most crazy of the 2? Second, obviously!  I have not proposed any moment to give me the money raised, but I wished that the close to help how can I more. That’s why I chose the 2 Associates dear to me. Contrary to my style of traveling (no plans, no well established route and without stress), began a series of e-mails and planning, because when I’m not just me involved must, indeed, to have a plan. Thus, some friends I have jumped in aid, moreover, have managed to motivate me not my idea and I leave the pond to put me in touch with the people who proved really important from the perspective of this adventure. Of the many promises of sponsorship and support, have materialized just 2. The folks at F64 were equipped with a perfect camera for this trip, and the folks at the Bike House I have repaired and improved. It is very difficult to attract attention to your initiative, especially when you’re doing for the first time a project of this kind, and the reaction time is less than a month.

Therefore, I invite you and I want to join my trip through Europe, 7,000 km on the bike, along with Diesel and Bogdan, and support initiavita by buying kilometre which we travel. You can watch us pedal with footswitch on the channels listed below:

If you want to help me to hear further about my project or you just want to urezi road and your thoughts about my idea, you can use the information from the site or can you write on the Facebook page of the project, and I promise to respond as soon as you give Internet access.