Along your life you travel  in different kinds of ways. With family, friends, partner. You have every time a choice: to take the plane, the car, the bus, the bike, by foot or google street view. I tried them all and the best option for my turned out to be by bike, by myself. First of all, travelling means the journey towards your inner-self if you want to truly know and love yourself, and from that journey you return with power and wisdom. From that moment on you’ll guide your steps safely through your life. once you know what your dream is, the road and the universe work together to help you achieving it. We are the only ones that are sabotaging our own journey with the lack of motivation.

The principle of the bike is the perfect combination between balance and constant impulse, so everything starts with just one pedal. Isn’t that like the human being? This balance maintained for hours starts to work its way up to the mind and in the same time, your mind is flying deeper and further to the most deepest fears and memories. Every pedal raises more questions. While travelling alone,  you’re the only one capable to answer them, but only with the help of the people that you’ll meet on your way. With every answer your muscles are getting stronger and your love for yourself also. Without knowing it you’re having two separate journeys at the same time, on in beautiful places and the other one, with he same speed, inwards, finding your true self. What you’re doing next, with your new information it’s only up to you. I chose helping others that are still fighting to find their way. When is the perfect moment, the perfect place we’re just loosing the walls and we realize the power od asking for help. I didn’t know that I had that power of helping others, the power of being ME. I want to believe that now this is my job on this earth, to help others find their own way to happiness.

Some of my life principles:

-Nothing is by chance. Everything happens for a reason but maybe we don’t know which one yet.

-Everything that you do to others comes back to you.

-A healthy mind makes your body healthy

-Find the positivity in everything that surrounds you, block the negativity

-keep a balance between you and nature. Respect it, love it,it will always help you.

-love unconditionally

-give up expectations and concentrate on yourself

-be open and read the omens that your life is sending you

-accept without wanting to change them

-believe with all your heart in yourself and get out from your comfort zone.